Coffee With Dr. Kashey
Coffee With Dr. Kashey
Ep# 88: No Pain No Gain?

Dr. Kashey addresses the popular saying “No pain, no gain!” While it’s commonly used as a motivating phrase, Dr. Kashey argues that it is a conflicting philosophy that confuses correlation and causation. It assumes that in order for there to be a success, pain must be involved, which is a distorted belief. Although progress may require some sacrifice, we should not be conditioned to expect misery every time we take a step forward in life. Instead of pain, we should aim for rational, constructive, flexible, and scientific thinking. Only then will we be able to make the permanent behavior changes needed to be fit, happy, and successful.

Listen to Ep 88.  ‘The 4 Magic Words Destroying Your Body: “nO pAiN nO gAiN”  Now.

Hosted by Dr. Trevor Kashey