Coffee With Dr. Kashey
Coffee With Dr. Kashey
Ep# 77: Perfectionism Makes You Fatter

While negativity can be destructive, it can also be relatively constructive even for a self-deprecating pessimist, Dr. Kashey says. There is a difference between preferences and demands; the former creates helpful pressure, the latter creates harmful pressure. Demanding too much of yourself can lead to anxiety and depression, which will in turn push you farther from your goals. It will wear down your feeling of self-worth. Following your preferences is a constructive way to practice scientific-mindedness and create a successful path to progress. We are not meant to expect perfection of ourselves. Dr. Kashey teaches us how to put those unrealistic, dogmatic demands to rest, and instead adopt helpful preferences that will lead us to overcome the hurdle of perfectionism.

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Hosted by Dr. Trevor Kashey