Coffee With Dr. Kashey
Coffee With Dr. Kashey
Ep# 75: Do You Have Science-Mindedness?

After a quick review of a dogmatic system versus a scientific system, Dr. Kashey shows how scientific thinking has a rightful and helpful place in our daily lives. It has an impact in the real world and can aid us in comprehending contradictions in the context of self-respect. Although scientific thinking hinges on facts and logic, this does not equate it to being rigid. Since facts are constantly being revised, science is relatively flexible. This leaves room for belief systems to dictate a person’s values and actions. Dr. Kashey shares six intuitive principles we can use to practically apply scientific-mindedness, followed by a 3 step process to integrate it into our lives. There is a way to rationally and constructively reach our goals and overall improve our lives while thinking scientifically and holding onto what we believe.

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Hosted by Dr. Trevor Kashey