Coffee With Dr. Kashey
Coffee With Dr. Kashey
Ep #55: How to Go From Delicate To Resilient

Dr. Kashey deconstructs resilience. Upon studying someone displaying resilience through a tough situation, you may wonder if they were born that way or if it is a learned skill. Good news for everyone – resilience can be taught, practiced, and therefore strengthened! Anything from everyday common inconveniences to real-world traumatic experiences will require a person’s resilience to make it through. Depending on the circumstances, the amount of resilience a person has can differ. While an individual can exhibit a lot of resilience in one area of life, that same person can also feel particularly weak and less than resilient in other areas of life. Dr. Kashey advises us to separate ourselves and others from thoughts, beliefs, and actions in order to objectively conquer our goals. He also provides a list of 10 things you can do today to build up your resilience.

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Hosted by Dr. Trevor Kashey