Coffee With Dr. Kashey
Coffee With Dr. Kashey
Ep #54: Giving and Receiving Criticism

In this episode, Dr. Kashey will share the woes of being flattened by a bully versus the joy of being uplifted by a wise mentor. While both parties offer criticism, the way in which it is delivered determines how we feel and receive the criticism. Dr. Kashey has wisdom to share concerning how to control feelings, in order to decipher what is helpful and constructive versus what can be tossed to the side as nonsense. After all, every piece of criticism has a tinge of truth to it, even if only a tiny bit. Following Dr. Kashey’s “6 steps to fabulous feedback” is a sure way to effectively give and receive criticism.

Listen to Ep 54.  ‘Dr. Kashey’s Fix For Giving And Receiving Criticism (Why And How)’ Now.

Hosted by Dr. Trevor Kashey