Coffee With Dr. Kashey
Coffee With Dr. Kashey
Ep #50: What Leverage Persistence Means

Dr. Kashey revisits his definition of violence: “using brain force to influence change,” and his definition of brain force, which is “focus times intervention times persistence.” Focusing on the persistence part of the equation, Dr. Kashey goes into depth about persistence and why it’s important. Persistence is the length of continuous effort – keeping at it, continuing on, working through roadblocks, assessing and addressing self-sabotage, escaping and avoiding traps, and various other real-life distractions. It is vital for health and fitness goals, but sometimes it can be hard to persist due to getting thrown off course, choosing rebellion, or not knowing how to leverage persistence. Dr. Kashey is ready to help anyone looking for advice on how to persist.

Listen to Ep 50. ‘(Dr. Kashey’s Fix For Failing To Persist (And 5 Traps To Look For)’ Now.

Hosted by Dr. Trevor Kashey

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