Coffee With Dr. Kashey
Coffee With Dr. Kashey
Ep #46: Smoking is the New Sitting

In this episode, Dr. Kashey scrutinizes the phrase “sitting is the new smoking.” While it is true that prolonged sitting is detrimental to overall health, this does not mean that sitting should be avoided altogether. It makes sense to sit when physically exhausted; but when mentally exhausted, studies show that people are more likely to stand up and/or fidget. Dr. Kashey encourages us to shift our minds from wondering “How to sit less often” to asking ourselves “Why am I sitting so often?” Nowadays, more and more people are aware of the fact that standing and moving should be a priority. Thankfully, there are many ways to increase the opportunity to replace sitting with standing and movement.

Listen to Ep 46. ‘A Breakthrough In The Science Of Sitting! (For Real)’ Now.

Hosted by Dr. Trevor Kashey