Coffee With Dr. Kashey
Coffee With Dr. Kashey
Ep# 126: Sugar and Your Metabolic Health

In this episode, Dr. Kashey explores metabolic health and how it relates to our physical activity and sugar intake. He starts by defining metabolic health and explains the seven stages of post-absorptive physiology that play a crucial role: nutrient transport, sorting, uptake, mobilization, transformation, combination, and oxidation. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining metabolic health and how various factors, such as our diet, lifestyle, and environment, can impact it. He explains the major causes of disturbances and emphasizes the importance of physical activity in maintaining metabolic health. He describes how moving around can be a modifiable factor in improving our metabolic health and how our sedentary lifestyles can negatively impact our lives.

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Listen to Ep 126.  ‘Sugar and your metabolic health – Use it or lose it!  Now.