Coffee With Dr. Kashey
Coffee With Dr. Kashey
Ep# 125: Erase Your Food-Guilt

In this episode, Dr. Kashey talks about the psychobiology of sugar and provides insights into how to resolve your relationship with food and eating. Dr. Kashey discusses how chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and other metabolic derangements associated with excess body fat are not caused by eating fat, sugar, and salt, as policymakers and diet centrists have wrongfully deduced. Instead, he argues that what matters more is what your body does to your food. He talks about how we can influence how our bodie does things and ultimately get better rather than just feeling better for a short time. He finally explains how people tend to sabotage themselves by saying stuff and trying to mean it and how they could succeed by meaning something and then saying it.

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Listen to Ep 125.  Erase your food-guilt, without sugar making you crazy, even if you’re hooked on it!  Now.