Coffee With Dr. Kashey
Coffee With Dr. Kashey
Ep# 102: Babies SUCK at sports!

In today’s lesson, Dr. Kashey talks about genetics, fatness, overeating, and other triggering things like that in the context of genetics. We also learn the communication that normally occurs in a baby’s body between the different organs and the brain. For instance, when the mouth is full, there is a communication to the brain which triggers the baby to swallow the milk. How babies transition from drinking to eating solid food is also a key issue explained by Dr. Kashey in this episode. There is a clear indication that if you were born to eat, you would have the neurological foundations to play sports, which babies don’t have since when you throw a ping pong ball to a baby, it bounces and hits the baby in the head, and then bounces away. From this episode, you will clearly understand the role genetics plays in the transition of babies from drinking to eating. Tune in and learn!

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Hosted by Dr. Trevor Kashey