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KickStart Description

Explore evidence-based approaches and updated guidelines regarding nutrition and behavior management using lifestyle modification techniques.
A few words to the wise: This isn’t like any other nutrition material you’ve ever consumed.
In fact, there is almost no nutrition in it at all. This isn’t about counting calories and subtracting from maintenance. Today, you are getting access to the battle-tested strategies Dr. Trevor Kashey uses to operationalize cognitive enhancement.
Easy to consume.
Exactly what you need.
Nothing you don’t.
It took Dr. Kashey working with over 2000 people 1 on 1 for nearly a year each to get all of this material together. From that data, he wrote 7 full-sized books worth of information.
Now the system Dr. Kashey personally created by working with over 1000 people 1 on 1 has been compressed to about 50 lessons. The material is delivered over time to maximize your personal results.

TKN KickStart Challenge


12 Weeks Long


2-3 Hours Per Week






Certificate Of Completion



KickStart Description

In this 12 week program from Trevor Kashey Nutrition, KickStart experts bring you a 12-step plan for boosting brain health and cognitive fitness (12 weeks, 12 steps.. makes sense eh).  During KickStart you will learn about cognitive nutrition © — how to bridge the gap between intention and intervention — and how to guide nutrition even if there are years of bad habits built up. Plus, you’ll find out the truth about starvation mode, how to identify the true biochemical pathways and what to do about it.
You can use this system to work with literally any kind of nutrition protocol.
It doesn’t matter if it’s vegan, keto, vegetarian, macronutrient based, or even medical nutrition.
Dr. Kashey has used the system on all types. Even people that refuse to believe in any sort of nutrition intervention. Because of the way the system is presented, and how the lessons compound week after week, the results you get compound as well as your lifetime value. 
This protocol works with teens.
This protocol works with adults.
This protocol works with older populations.
This protocol even works with high performing entrepreneurs that are notoriously impossible to wrangle for more than a few minutes at a time.

Program Outline

  • Welcome
  • A Message From The Good Doctor
  • Course Overview
  • Mastering The Basics
  • The A3 Method
  • Gear, Gadgets & Goodies
  • #CoffeeWithKashey
  • Overcoming Roadblocks
  • Let’s Get Social
  • Milestone Method Of Meal Planning
  • The Side Effects Of Change
  • Your Eating Style
  • Your Eating Environment
  • #TKNTriumph
  • Master Cognizant Consumption
  • The Accountability Partner Is A Lie
  • Master Of Your Domain
  • Generating Time, Energy & Attention
  • There’s So Much More Room For Activities
  • Wishbone or Backbone
  • Physiology & Food Feelings
  • The Hunger Games
  • Distract The Toddler
  • I Love It When A Plan Comes Together
  • Keeping On Track Keeps You On Track
  • Tell Yourself Yes
  • Clean Your Plate In The Dishwasher
  • Master Functional Nutrition
  • Man, The Rationalizing Toddler
  • The Art of Course-Correction
  • Master The Scale Part 1
  • Master The Scale Part 1.5
  • It’s The Way She Goes
  • Master The Unfairness
  • The Rules Of Engagement
  • Master The Space Between
  • Master The Stories You Tell Yourself
  • Master The  Scale Part 2
  • Master The Scale Part 2.5 (Menses)
  • Manage The Food Pushers
  • Master Eating Out
  • The Sobering Truth About Alcohol
  • Travel. Master It. Part 1
  • Travel. Master It. Part 2
  • Fight The Terrorist Threat. Master Emotional Eating.
  • Master The Scale Part 3
  • The Difference Between Then And Now
  • Master The Overwhelm
  • Master Plateaus
  • Hyperactivity Deficient Attention Disorder
  • Do Cool S***. Now
  • Master Perpetual Optimization
  • Achieve A New Level Of Mastery
  • Realignment Milestone Method Of Meal Planning
  • Fresh Eyes
  • The Secret To Lifelong Results

SOME OF Our KickStarters

SOME More OF Our KickStarters

The KickStart Team

KickStart Facilitator

Dr. Taylor Weglicki

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KickStart Facilitator

Alison Rogers

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In a nutshell, The TKN KickStart Progrtam is a 12-week program created by Dr. Trevor Kashey which focuses on developing the mindset, skills and habits to take you from where you are to where you want to be. 

The KickStart Program Costs $3994. 

Nope.  The KickStart Program is not a weight loss challenge.  KickStarters do see favorable physical improvements as a side effect of dedicating toward their mental health.

We love before and after photos.

I wish we could take them of who someone becomes.

Our members biggest transformations happen there.

You can see it in their eyes! Feeling like themselves again.

They tell us their lives (not to mention their bodies) are forever changed. We’re always happy to take a little credit, but the reality is this: They helped themselves.

They decided that enough was enough.

They decided to jump off the diet roller coaster for good.

They decided to regain control of their body and life.

They decided to take that very first step with us.

Yes, we gave them the tools, the support, and the accountability they needed. But they’re the ones who showed up, took action, and finally got the life-changing results they wanted.

The people above chose to share their transformations with you in hopes that you  make the change you need, that you overcome your fears and tell yourself yes.  Just like they did. 

It is.  For any KickStart participant (Beginning July 25, 2021) who obtains 100% during the program, they get their money back.  The program list is above.  No Tricks, or bait and switch.  You do the work, you get it back.

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