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TKN Private Client Chris M.

TKN Private Client - Chris M.

How to Stop Going Through the Motions and Start Burning Fat

Learn How Personal Trainer Chris M. Rediscovered the Version of Himself that Exceeds Limitations With TKN.

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What Is Your Name?

Chris M.

What is your occupation?

Personal trainer & nutrition coach.

How was your body before Trevor Kashey Nutrition?

I was “bulking up” before I worked with Trevor…got up to 187lb. Truth was, I was putting on a bunch of fat and going through the motions. I worked with the good doctor for a little over a year before I had to cancel for financial reasons.


I was on a good run at maintaining for several months and then started slowly going off track more and more – that’s when Tyler emailed Kerri about the 12-week challenge and she forwarded it to me. I was 177 and feeling okay about how I looked. A little less lean than when I worked with Trevor, but still good. However, I was feeling like I was going at training and eating with zero purposes other than to “maintain”, which isn’t very exciting to me.

How did that (state of being) make you feel?

Great question! 🙂 I was floating without purpose…kinda bored.

What were you unable to do that you wished you could do?

I could do just about anything I wished to do. Just wasn’t hyper-motivated.

During that time, how did your current state of being affect those around you?

People don’t always tell me this, but I know when I bring a better version of myself, I more often inspire the people around me to “tighten up” and become better versions of themselves.

How did you hear about Trevor Kashey Nutrition?

I sat next to Dr. Kashey at a Gym Lords event and then Kerri coached with him for several months and somewhere along the way, I decided to get on board.

What were your doubts and fears before starting the program?

“Am I getting too old for this?” …can’t say I had any fears or doubts except for my willingness to check in with a coach and be a good student

What made you say YES anyways?

I slept on it and decided it was time to get off my butt and start pushing back to the version of me that tries to improve vs maintain.

Where is your body/mind now?

Getting better. Leaner, which is a nice extra, but most importantly, I’m training with a purpose and feeling stronger physically and mentally. I feel like I have a little better balance of throwing in treats and “letting my hair down” this time around. Like I won’t turn down the occasional DQ Blizzard – I don’t feel guilty when I eat it either 🙂

How does that make you feel?

Solid – like there’s something new to discover in myself

What are you able to do now that you were not able to do before?

Nada – just a bit better at everything!

What positive impact did that have on others around you that you might not have expected?

Not much since we’re under quarantine. But I’m sure it will make a positive change in how much they focus when they see what I’m doing…some of the posts did start arguments with my food pusher friends though 🙁

What would you tell someone who is reading this right now and is unsure about taking the next step?

If you seriously want to improve and create/solidify lifestyle habits to help become the best you possible, get on board.


Truth was, I was putting on a bunch of fat and going through the motions. I slowly going off track more and more. I was floating without much purpose...kinda bored.


I'm leaner, which is a nice extra, but most importantly, I'm training with a purpose and feeling stronger physically and mentally.

Trevor Kashey Nutrition

Team TKN

Team TKN cultivates, curates and shares Dr. Trevor Kasheys’ stories and core principles, to help others achieve an extraordinary life.

About Leticia King

Leticia King has worked with TKN since 2019. Previously she worked with the CUNY Center for Educational Studies interviewing, examining, and telling the stories of students and teachers to help fund and improve programs designed to mitigate the education gap between low and high-income students in New York City. 


Leticia enjoys thought-provoking questions and always strives towards personal betterment. Despite changing her career path a number of times in her short 28 years she doesn’t look at those experiences as a deviation from her current path but meaningful epochs in her story. In a world of cynics, Leticia believes that finding good is the best coping and survival skill one can develop; and she sees TKN as a rare community of positive, uplifting, and sincere people.

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