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TKN Private Client Becca C. How to Look and Feel Your Best and Say Bye to Your Insecurities

TKN Private Client - Becca C.

How to Look and Feel Your Best and Say Bye to Your Insecurities

Learn How Becca C Mastered Her Body, Emotions and Mind With TKN.

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What Is Your Name?

Becca C.

What is your occupation?

I am a general manager at a kickboxing facility.

How was your body before Trevor Kashey Nutrition?

Before TKN, my body was very different. I had dimples in my thighs and my butt cheeks. I had a stomach that always poked out. My midsection was much rounder and my love handles were wide.

How did that (state of being) make you feel?

This made me feel super insecure. I never liked to wear shirts, they were tight, I always felt like my fat was bulging out of my pants. I never felt confident enough to wear shirts that showed my stomach. I wasn’t comfortable wearing shorts. I would wear that stuff but I never felt good showing my body. I was constantly in my head about how I looked because I felt gross. Being in the fitness industry, my body never felt good enough to be someone that inspires others.


My body before TKN quite frankly, just made me feel terrible and insecure. No one should have the thoughts that I had.

What were you unable to do that you wished you could do?

I wasn’t able to walk around feeling sexy and to me, that is a huge mind f***.


It was mentally draining for me to always worry about what I looked like.


I was never able to let loose and just feel confident. Going to the beach like a normal person was something I wasn’t comfortable doing, I always wore something over my midsection to cover up my belly.


I wasn’t able to just let loose and relax without drinking. That was a huge change for me with TKN. Drinking was apart of what made me, me, in social settings. Now I don’t need liquid courage to be me.

During that time, how did your current state of being affect those around you?

I think I masked my insecurities by drinking, so other people didn’t see it much.


There would be times where I would feel bad about myself or my choices and I would be a “Debby Downer.” I would bring the mood down for others around me without meaning to.


I tended to be harder on others because I was SO hard on myself and in turn that creates negative emotions for all of those involved. I was never MEAN but I always thought being honest and direct was the way to be. Looking back I realize that I did that because I was not happy with MYSELF. I took that out on other people.

How did you hear about Trevor Kashey Nutrition?

I heard about Trevor Kashey Nutrition from Mike Ferreira because of Alex H.

What were your doubts and fears before starting the program?

I doubted that nutrition was going to get me to where I want to be. It’s all about finding a new fitness program that works for me.


I never felt like I would be able to look good and feel good based on food.


I’ve never doubted my ability to follow through, but I doubted what the program really could do for ME.


I thought I was different, I thought that I needed fitness. My situation is the classic human thought process, thinking you need one thing but needing another.


I needed someone to HELP and SUPPORT me. I needed someone to guide me in the right direction. I needed a plan and I needed to learn better habits to execute on that plan. TKN is THAT! Cant drive to California without a GPS and that’s what I was doing. I ended up in Canada all the time because I didn’t know what I was doing or where I was going.

What made you say YES anyways?

I said yes because I was tired of trying to get the body I wanted on my own. I failed so many times and I was TIRED of feeling insecure about myself. Feeling like I wasn’t good enough to do what I loved to do:

being around people, teaching, motivating people, and inspiring others.


I knew the second I was talking to Desiree that this was what I needed to do. Her conviction and confidence poured into my soul. Because she believed in how great the program was, I trusted her.

Where is your body/mind now?

WOW! Where do I even start…


My body is tighter than it has ever been. I have shredded so much fat throughout this process. I have noticeable abs. I feel like my muscles are more defined. My butt has perked up and my cellulite in the back of my legs is legit gone.


My mind, this has been the biggest shift for me. I have a way better relationship with food. I no longer fear eating things that I want to incorporate. I no longer look at food as bad or good food, I think about it as what that food makes me feel and always weigh out how it’s going to affect me.


Everything about my mind and my energy is different. I was always happy with the outside person, but now I’m happy on the inside and the outside.


I think so differently about so many things, it has completely flipped my mind to a happier place. I feel more confident in my self, I feel like I can accomplish anything and that confidence is worth every second spent on myself.


You can’t love someone unless you truly love yourself first, and for the first time, I am in love with myself and who I have become.


Everyone has told me how different I am and how this challenge has done so much for my happiness. They can see my energy bursting with positivity. And when they say that, I FEEL it. That is literally how I feel.


I can’t wait to go to the beach and be able to feel FREE. Not worry about covering up and not going in the water or relaxing in the sand. I now feel confident wearing crop tops and posting pictures of myself.


I feel like every person’s journey is different but we all want one thing, to become a better version of ourselves and I feel like TKN and this challenge has helped me accomplish that, on every level.


The challenge has been life-changing for me. It has made me step out of my comfort zone. Posting all the things I had to post on Facebook made me want to throw up initially. Now I don’t feel insecure about letting people in on my thoughts and my life. I have gotten so creative with eating healthily and I love how THAT makes me feel. I remember thinking f*** I don’t want to do the power foods lists, it’s too limiting. It was a great way to challenge myself to think outside the box with my recipes.


I feel so blessed that I was able to be apart of this challenge because I truly am a BETTER person both mentally and physically!


I had dimples in my thighs and my butt cheeks. I had a stomach that always poked out. My midsection was much rounder and my love handles were wide. This made me feel super insecure.


My body is tighter than it has ever been. I have abs and my muscles are more defined. My butt has perked up and my cellulite in the back of my legs is gone. My mind has been the biggest shift, I have a way better relationship with food.

How does that make you feel?

This makes me so HAPPY! I want to tell everyone and anyone about how great this program is. I’m inspired by other TKN member stories as well as my own. I never want to revert to my old habits.


Being able to say no to things I never thought I would say no to has been such a confidence booster.


I feel so proud of myself, proud of all my hard work and my ability to keep pushing through. You can’t make yourself proud of happiness, so these feelings to me are special.


I am grateful for my life, for the choices that led me to TKN. I feel grateful to have Huggy and the rest of the TKN family.


So many positive emotions – Just truly on cloud 9 due to the changes I have made and the new habits I have built!

What are you able to do now that you were not able to do before?

I can say “no thank you” to things that I was never able to say no to before. I was always worried about hurting other people’s feelings and I always put other people first. I realize that this only hurts my progress. Saying yes to things I don’t want doesn’t benefit me.


This isn’t just with food either; it is with my time and energy too.


I can now confidently say no and continue to put myself first.


Guilt is something I was bred to feel, and it is now something I no longer feel when I make choices for myself.


I can reflect on a deeper level. Finding the root of my issues and working through those without food being my medicine.


I have a better understanding that I have the power and I have the control. I mastered my emotions and I am a producer and not a consumer.


I have learned SO many new habits, I have implemented so many great coping mechanisms. I have helped my family learn some of those skills also.


I have become a better wife, sister, daughter, aunt, and friend.


Communicating effectively is something I do better now, and I was not able to do before. I can now explain what I am feeling, why I am feeling it, and helping people understand what I need and want.


Many… Many things…

What positive impact did that have on others around you that you might not have expected?

I am SO blown away by how many people I have touched with my positive outlook on life.


Many people including my family members and people I don’t know have reached out to me thanking me for always giving them a fresh perspective and making them see the bright side of things.


I have cooked for my family the way that I cook for myself and they have been amazed at how good food can taste with single ingredients.


MY changes have inspired others to make changes. Whether it be food choices, mindset/perspective, increasing their activities, or even parenting.


So many great conversations have been very moving.


I no longer feel like a towboat, I feel like a lighthouse. People are attracted to me and my light and positivity, so they are coming to ME versus me wasting energy and time on trying to get them to see the good in things or make those positive changes.

What would you tell someone who is reading this right now and is unsure about taking the next step?

Take the time to think about WHY you want to change, how do you feel currently about yourself and why you haven’t succeeded in the past. Write it all out then read it and reread it. Then ask yourself if you can keep continuing down the path you’re going down. What do you have to lose to try this program that will 100% get you results so long as you put in the effort and try?


If you could snap your fingers and have anybody you want today, would you snap your fingers? If that answer is yes, then take the leap and stop being scared because this program will get you the body you desire. Not in the snap of your fingers way but it will get you where you want to go if you put the work in.


Is it important for you to finally love who you are, feel confident in your skin, love seeing what you see in the mirror, FEEL TRULY happy? Do you want to finally learn how to not feel guilty about what you eat? Feel like you have skills and the power to say yes when you want to and no when you don’t want to?


This program will teach you just that.


What is holding you back? What fears or reservations do you have? List all those out and when you do, you’ll be surprised to see that the feelings you’re sitting with are things that will continue to hold you back from making the changes you say you want. If you want those changes that bad then believe in yourself and your abilities. All you need to do is follow directions, anyone can do that 🙂


If you want to finally feel good about yourself, JUST DO IT, trust them. And if you don’t trust them, there are SO many people out there that have gotten amazing results, so ask them yourself.

How likely are you to recommend TKN to a friend?



Anyone I talk to I suggest looking into TKN! I have nothing but amazing things to say about TKN. I truly believe in this program and believe you change lives daily! Why wouldn’t I want those around me to also experience that!? 🙂

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