TKN Private Client Mikelina B. How to Improve Your Life in All Areas by Getting rid of Anxiety and Self Doubt

TKN Private Client - Mikelina B.

How to Improve Your Life in All Areas by Getting Rid of Anxiety and Self Doubt

Learn How Attorney and Powerlifting Champion Mikelina B. Acquired a New Found Love of Self, During Their Time With TKN.

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What Is Your Name?

Mikelina B.

What is your occupation?

Non-practicing Attorney, Law & Policy Consultant.

How was your body before Trevor Kashey Nutrition?

Before joining forces with Dr.Kashey, Tyler, and the rest of the TKN family, I would describe my body as, stressed, limited, out of alignment with who I am/ my identity

That being said, I was very “strong” by objective performance measures. I was an elite level powerlifter who had won an IPF Junior World Championship. I won multiple USAPL National championships (junior, collegiate, and open divisions), and had broken multiple records, and by most standards/measures. I had plenty to “hang my hat on” and feel good about.

All that being true, I felt weak, unathletic/immobile, and most importantly unhappy. I had gotten into strength training because it made me feel strong, happy, healthy, and improved my life. I knew I needed to take a step back and re-evaluate my why and how’s.

How did that (state of being) make you feel?

Feeling out of alignment with my physical body– I think the headline would be “insecure”. That feeling of insecurity, rooted in disappointment, shame/guilt, and unworthiness– resulted in more frequent, and deeper bouts of depression. I limited myself and my life because my self-esteem, self-trust, and overall sense of value were shot.

What were you unable to do that you wished you could do?

I kept myself from trying new things because I was so worried/self-conscious about feeling uncomfortable in my body. I knew then, and I know now, that this discomfort was completely internal. To most people, and compared to most people, I looked like I was in great shape. I should have been happy. But again, my dissatisfaction and feelings about my body were a reflection of my internal emotional and psychological state– interconnected. And the truth was, I wasn’t taking care of my body in a way that was loving or nurturing. I was beating it up– my framework was completely off.

It kept me from enjoying things like travel. I felt so inflamed, uncomfortable, and anxious about long flights, I couldn’t enjoy trips in the way I wanted to. I couldn’t be fully present.

It kept me from socializing as much as I would’ve liked to. When you’re insecure and uncomfortable, being alone seems like a better option than being around people, even if you want to be around people.

It kept me from meeting new people. I felt like people that “knew me when” (when…happier, more fit, stronger, etc. etc.) would be more accepting. Whereas I felt like I didn’t want new people to meet this version of me. It was ridiculous and an incredibly unhealthy way of thinking. But again this internal view and narrative was 100% connected with how I was engaging with my physical body (nutrition, movement, overall care, stress, sleep/rest).

During that time, how did your current state of being affect those around you?

I can’t speak for them, but from my observations/reflections– I’d imagine I was a very frustrating person to be around at times. Because of my relationship/lack of relationship with my body and due to all the reasons stated above, I was closed-off. If I wasn’t comfortable with myself, how could I possibly be comfortable with another person?

This probably impacted my most intimate/important relationships the most: my family (chosen and otherwise) and my romantic partnerships. I wasn’t able to be fully present, or vulnerable with those people. And my unchecked and unaddressed insecurities likely contributed to things like projection, poor communication, and many other stressors.

My not taking care of my body in the way I truly wanted to contributed to circumstances and problems that I was trying to get out of.

How did you hear about Trevor Kashey Nutrition?

I had met Dr.Kashey when I was an EliteFTS sponsored athlete. But got hip to TKN when I saw my friend Zach Gallman posting about his progress under Dr.Kashey’s tutelage and guidance.

I had always known Zach to be an incredibly grounded, thoughtful, and smart athlete. I knew he would tell me the truth about his experience and thoughts on working with Dr.Kashey. Zach had nothing but good things to say about TKN– however, this isn’t what sold me on it.

What convinced me was Zach’s Instagram page (lol– but seriously). The reason being, photos don’t lie. Not only was Zach getting in great shape, but more importantly– the guy looked happier. He looked like he was genuinely living better, and our conversations seemed to confirm this observation.

I wanted to make that kind of progress, It seemed that the physical, emotional, and mental were all being nurtured and challenged. Rather than feeling like I had to continually sacrifice one or more for the other. I wanted to be strong for life, in all aspects. Honestly, I told Trevor (The doc) I want to be a superhero, and he told me that sounded great 🙂

What were your thoughts going through the process?

To be honest, after I had spent my time doing my research and thinking about why I wanted to work with Dr.K– I tried not to think, I wanted to just learn. I knew that what I had been doing was no longer working. I was going to need something new to get to a different outcome

I trusted Trevor at the outset, but clearly, trust occurs on a spectrum. There were many times I felt doubtful about the process or had questions. Trevor and Tyler have both been amazing at nurturing my curiosity and turning anxieties and self-doubts into opportunities for growth, learning, and reflection.

I trusted them from the outset, and time has only reaffirmed and strengthened my trust.

What were your doubts and fears before starting the program?

In sum, my doubts and fears revolved around how I “thought” things were supposed to be. I had a lot of unlearning to do.

In my experience, body recomposition, training, nutrition had always felt like “sacrifice”, like a fight with my body. A force. And thus, I was able to make a lot of progress and achieve a lot of success as an athlete and otherwise. The cost though was too great to sustain. I was paying for it now, thus my hope for a change.

Even though I wanted it, change is hard, and I had to change my entire framework.

I learned how to treat training, nutrition, recovery, self-improvement– all of it– as an act of self-love. I wasn’t doing it because there was something wrong with me. I was doing it because taking care of my body is an act of self- care, self-nurturing. Furthermore, I liked who I was when I did it.

It wasn’t happiness, it wasn’t fleeting– this felt like growing and building joy from the outside in.

What made you say YES anyways?

Trust of Zach Gallman, the trust of the EliteFTS team, and my trust of Dr.T and eventually Tyler (who he connected me with).

I could say how their credentials and demonstrated expertise in the field did it for me– but again, that wasn’t the thing that did it. It was that when I talked to anybody and everybody in the TKN family, I felt genuinely cared for, genuinely heard, and as though these folks were invested in my growth and happiness.

Where is your body/mind now?

My body is… well, to be honest, I never thought I’d have the body I have now… and now I no longer believe in limits 🙂
I have surpassed so many of the goals I thought were pipe dreams.  I now have to re-adjust my benchmarks. I’m happy to say that I’ve been working with my TKN family on coming up with new dreams, new aspirations, new standards for myself.


Before joining forces with Dr.Kashey, Tyler, and the rest of the TKN family, I would describe my body as stressed, limited, and out of alignment with who I am/ my identity


I never thought I'd have the body I have now... and now I no longer believe in limits. I feel like a Superhero, to be honest.

How does that make you feel?

I feel like a Superhero, to be honest. TKN invested in my dream and hasn’t quit.

What are you able to do now that you were not able to do before?

Pistol Squats, Skin the Cats, Random Calisthenics tricks– while still being able to rep 405+ lbs beltless at an 8rpe. Leaner than I’ve ever been, and stronger lb for lb than ever before.

I can fly on a plane for 3+ hours and not be in serious pain. I can sit at a regular movie theater for an entire movie without going to the bathroom just as an excuse to stand up/move out of discomfort.

There are a million other things, everyday small things, that I could mention– but overall, I live life more. I’m more active and move more and do more because I feel great. And when you feel great, you do more great things.

Mind, body, and feelings all being treated together– the complete framework.

What positive impact did that have on others around you that you might not have expected?

People continue to tell me how free I seem. How much happier I seem. Most importantly how much more myself I seem. I almost feel like a kid again, energized and youthful. Excited about life.

The other thing I didn’t expect– it seems to make others around me want to take better care of themselves as well. Not out of shame or judgment, but because they deserve it– and because nobody can take care of you as you can.

What would you tell someone who is reading this right now and is unsure about taking the next step?

It’s a choice. Either remain the same, or change. There is no shame or judgment in choosing not to change, just recognize that it’s a choice.

I got tired of making the same choice and getting the same results. Not taking action, not putting things into motion, is a choice in favor of the status quo. If you’re tired of the status quo, you have to decide just how tired of it you are.

What would you tell someone who is reading this right now and is unsure about taking the next step?

I really cannot recommend TKN enough.

Before TKN, I was an Elite Powerlifter, Record-holder, Harvard Law Graduate, a successful social enterprise leader, and an emerging expert in my field. And I felt terrible.

I have been able to accomplish my body comp goals and athletic goals. And through this newfound love of self and body– I felt better about myself, did better for myself, and thus opened myself up to a whole new world of life and opportunities that have truly blessed me in all aspects of my life.

I have better more meaningful friendships, romantic relationships, and relationships with my family. I said “yes” to opportunities I never thought I’d dream of taking on (like modeling). I have now broadened my world and life in a whole new way. I’m living the life I want, rather than the life I think I’m supposed to/that I’m limited to.

TKN showed me that the kind of life we live, the person we are, the relationships we have with people/things/etc.– it’s all up to us. Our choice.

Choosing TKN is a good choice, in my opinion.

Trevor Kashey Nutrition

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