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Dr. Trevor Kashey founded Trevor Kashey Nutrition (TKN) with the goal of transforming lives.  TKN’s four programs, The Kashey Method, KickStart Challenge, Private Client and Cognitive Nutrition Certification, have set the standard for over 15 years, helping people create the lasting results in their own lives.

THE TKN Difference


Diet books, diet plans, diet programs.  They all want you to believe they have the magic formula.  Eat what they say, and losing weight will be easy.


If that is true, why are 2/3 of Americans overweight?
If that is true, why do most people who lose weight gain it back?  And not just once, over and over and over…


Here is the truth: Losing weight can be easy, at first.  But.  Continuing to lose weight after the first few weeks or months and then keeping it off.  That can be very difficult.  That is unless you know how to identify the problems – the roadblocks – that you encounter every day, and figured out how to remove those roadblocks, each and every one.


To be successful you do need an eating plan.  But your success will not be determined by how many carbs you are eating.  You will experience success when you learn how to stick to your plan even when you don’t feel like it.   At TKN you will learn how to create your own, personal, escape plans to remove your biggest roadblocks.  Roadblocks you create, roadblocks other people create, roadblocks the universe creates.

THE TKN Difference


Don’t take our word for it. Here are some TKN superstars that made their dreams a reality, and you can too.

Ready To Start?

You might be wondering why you actually need this. The truth is, you don’t. But this journey is a heck of a lot easier with the TKN experts and community on your side. So what are you waiting for?  We’re ready if you are.

The TKN Blog

TKN Turkey Squash Bowl

This colorful bowl of ground turkey, spiralized squash and julienne cabbage is baller. If you don’t have a spiralizer, simply slice the squash and cabbage julienne-style.

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TKN Turkey Scramble

The best way to get protein in your day?  Eat it in the morning!  The TKN Turkey Scramble is an amazing little concoction is perfectly balanced for a filling and nutritious start to your day.  The sage and cumin give the turkey a fantastic sausage flavor while the spinach and sweet potatoes provide some well needed satiety power.  They say there is something to having a clear head all day by starting your morning with protein and they are RIGHT! 

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TKN Thanksgiving Poppers

Fresh herbs combine with lean ground turkey for an easy meatball recipe with a range of applications. Since this recipe uses lean ground turkey, which traditionally contains about 7% fat, we add sweet potato and cranberries to the meat mixture to add flavor and moisture. When shaping the meatballs, be careful not to over work the mixture as you form the balls, which will make them dense and tough. You’ll also want to keep the size of the meatballs consistent to ensure even cooking. Serve these bite-size morsels as an appetizer or hors d’oeuvre, or combine with pasta or rice for a main course. 

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